The $SHDW IDO — The TL;DR Guide to Participating!

Let’s talk about our upcoming IDO!

It’s been suggested I wrote a TL;DR version of the IDO and so here we are. This guide is intended to be the most bare-bones step by step guide to participating in the $SHDW IDO.

Please note: All the screenshots below are taken from a Devnet environment! Token IDs and web address information seen in certain screenshots is for development purposes.


Step #0 — Go to

Wait until the IDO starts. Come hang out in our discord or something in the meantime!

Step #1 — Connect your wallet (we recommend using Phantom). You will need to have USDC in your wallet in order to participate in the IDO. You do not need to own a Shadowy Super Coder NFT in order to participate in the IDO. Please remember, you do need a small amount of $SOL to pay for the Solana transaction fee.

Step #2 — Enter the amount of USDC you wish to contribute to the IDO pool and click deposit.

Step #3 — Confirm the amount of USDC you wish to contribute to the IDO pool. This finalizes your deposit.

Then approve the transaction inside of your Phantom Wallet.

Step #4 — Wait until the deposit phase of the IDO expires. The deposit phase opens on Jan 3rd at 2pm UTC and will last for 24 hours in order to ensure people from all time zones are able to participate.

Step #5 — After the deposit phase has expired, you can return to the IDO page and you will see that the “Deposit” button now says “Redeem SHDW”! The redemption phase lasts forever. You have an unlimited amount of time to come and claim your $SHDW.

Next, confirm the transaction via your Phantom wallet.

Step #6 — Congratulations! Your $SHDW tokens are now in your wallet!

Step #7 — Where is the token listed post-IDO?




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