The Comprehensive Guide to GenesysGo

What is GenesysGo?

What projects do you power on Solana?

(My sincerest apologies if you don’t see your project listed here, please DM me and I will update immediately!)
Not an all inclusive list, 15min period

Why is this important?

Who makes up the team?

So what are you building? Why the IDO? Also, what’s this NFT you mentioned?

The Shadowy Super Coder NFT Mint

As of 12/17/2021
As of 12/17/2021
A slide from the third Shadowy Super Coder Town Hall

The Shadow Network — why is this a big deal?

The Shadow Drive — A Decentralized Solana Optimized Storage Solution

Okay, we get it… but can we PLEASE talk Tokenomics???

Disclaimer: The NFT Holders % will NEVER CHANGE. 1 SSC NFT = 10k $SHDW, this will never change.

Thoughts on the design of the tokenomics…

The Token’s Utility

Shadow Operators, backbone of the Shadow Protocol

We’re all still so early…



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GenesysGo is a Blockchain Service Provider. We provide robust and secure infrastructure to give builders, stakers, and users the performance they deserve.