Post-IDO, what can you do with your $SHDW? How about Orca Double-Dip Rewards!

Double-Dip Rewards for Liquidity Providers

In partnership with Orca, we’re launching a Double-Dip Aquafarm to incentivize Liquidity Providers! LP’s will receive Trading Fees + $SHDW Rewards + $ORCA Rewards. The promotion will start shortly after the IDO disbursement.

How To Participate in Double-Dip Rewards

Step 1) Provide Liquidity

- Go to > Connect your Phantom (or other Solana wallet)

- Select SHDW/USDC or SHDW/SOL and then “Deposit” to provide liquidity

Step 2) Enroll in the Double Dip Aqua Farm

- Go to the “Double Dip” section tab in the Pools header

- Click “Double-dip” on the appropriate pool (SHDW/USDC or SHDW/SOL)

Anyone with SHDW tokens can participate as a liquidity provider; there is no minimum.

Liquidity Providers can withdraw and harvest at any time without penalty. Double-Dip rewards are only available on Orca.

The Double-Dip campaign will last between 12–16 weeks and starts on Jan 4th, 2022.

Tokens are being allocated from our Strategic Reserve. Orca will be displaying all of the APR/APY information on For more information, visit the official Orca documents. #DYOR #NFA

Schedule of Events

January 3rd-4th: IDO Auction
The $SHDW IDO event starts on January 3rd at 2:00pm UTC and ends on January 4th at 2:00pm UTC. The IDO site address is Following the IDO, auction participants will receive their $SHDW tokens.

For more information, please read the IDO article.

January 4th: Initial DEX Listing
After the IDO disbursement, $SHDW will be listed and available to trade on Orca, Raydium, and Aldrin DEXs.

January 4th/5th: LP Double-Dip Rewards
The Double-Dip Orca Aquafarm will be launched after the IDO disbursement on January 4th.

We hope you enjoy!

We’re very excited to be partnering with Orca! They provide vital liquidity to the ecosystem and we want to thank them for their support as we get closer and closer to the launch of $SHDW!



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