GenesysGo Shadowy Super Coder NFT Collection

First of all, what is GenesysGo?

Servers… so many servers…

So, we are a blockchain infrastructure project that builds exclusively on Solana. Primarily, we operate Remote Procedural Call (RPC) Servers but we also manage the hardware that powers many Solana Validators as well!

What are RPC Servers and why do they matter?

RPC Servers are the traffic controllers for the Solana validator network.

I’ll spare you the boring technical details but every single project on Solana (Mango Markets, Raydium, Serum, literally any project connected to Solana) sends requests to a RPC server and then the RPC servers act as traffic controllers for the validator network. This ensures that the load on the validator network is spread in such as way as to not overwhelm any one validator.

Without robust RPC infrastructure the Solana blockchain would not work. Lemme say that again, without robust RPC infrastructure the Solana blockchain would not work.

Solana is especially hard on RPC servers because of the sheer throughput that Solana is capable of. RPC servers are arguably the hardest working piece of the entire blockchain network.

The Shadowy Super Coder NFT Collection and Drop!

Who remembers this little gem?

This headline still absolutely cracks me up… yup, all us shadowy super coders busy destabilizing the global financial system with all our jpegs!!!

Then, one day, we had this fun little interaction on Twitter with Raj and Anatoly:

You gotta love Anatoly… giving us the pity comment! We’re totally here for it!

With that as the inspiration we decided on the GenesysGo Shadowy Super Coder NFT Collection!


If only we looked that badass when we code… spoilers, we don’t.

Variables for the NFT are things like: outfit, background, tabletop, and thousands of different monitor screen combinations.

We are so fortunate to, at this point, be providing RPC infrastructure for some of the coolest and most innovative projects currently being run on Solana and we’re so incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to evolve alongside those projects.

As a shoutout to all the developer teams that supported us and continue to support us, all three monitors have the chance of displaying the logos of your favorite DeFi and NFT Solana projects! If they’re on our network and using our services then there’s a chance they could make an appearance!

The Utility

At this point we’ve powered roughly 47 different CandyMachine or Fair Launch Project NFT drops. It’s been amazing watching the communities that have been built and the innovation around NFT utility.

We want to take that innovation and move it a step forward. So we’re doing two things with our NFT:

#1 — If we sell out of all 10,000 within the first 24 hours then we will open up our RPC network to all builders and projects on Solana until the end of 2021.

If you’re an existing user of our network then you will get access to our network at no cost until Jan 31st, 2022.

Shut up and take our bandwidth!

#2 — Each GenesysGo Shadowy Super Coder NFT will mint for 2.5 SOL a piece and there will be 10,000 available to mint.

HOWEVER, that leads into utility item #2… the Shadow Token IDO, holders of our NFT will receive 10k Shadow tokens for every NFT in their wallet.

Our entire Seed token allocation will be headed directly into the wallets of NFT holders who stake their NFT.

1 SSC = 1 SSC = 10,000 $SHDW Tokens.

What’s the utility? The utility is that we’re trying to level the playing field between the individuals that make up the ecosystem and the more centralized entities that tend to control early stage funding.

Pay no attention to the fact that everyone in the background is dead…

Everyone will get to have the same chance at receiving an allocation of GenesysGo seed tokens, regardless of insider status or not! The community is what makes a project strong, the community should be a part of the IDO process from the start!

Drops to NFT Holders: 100m

Everything Else 100m

Total Supply: 200m

So… let’s recap…

If you support our NFT drop and we sell out in the first 24 hours then all of your favorite projects will have access to RPC infrastructure that provides unlimited RPS, unlimited data, and no throttling… ever… So, by supporting our NFT drop you are actively contributing to the enhancement of the compute power of the Solana ecosystem.

1 SSC = 1 SSC = 10,000 $SHDW Tokens. Shadow tokens will be used to power the decentralized RPC network. So, again… supporting our NFT not only nets you a cool looking jpeg but IT ACTIVELY CONTRIBUTES TO STRENGTHENING THE SOLANA NETWORK!

NFT drop is scheduled for November 3rd, 2021. Please drop by our Discord server if you have questions or just wanna hang out and watch us build!



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GenesysGo is a Blockchain Service Provider. We provide robust and secure infrastructure to give builders, stakers, and users the performance they deserve.